Database Courses at HKUST

We offer the following courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Courses

COMP231 Databae Management Systems [3-1-1:3]

Principles of database systems; conceptual modeling and data models; logical and physical database design; query languages and query processing; database services including concurrency, crash recovery, security and integrity. Hands-on DBMS experience. Exclusion: ISMT 226 Prerequisite: COMP 171 

COMP 332 Principles of Database Design [3-1-0:3]

Data modeling concepts; conceptual, logical and physical design; analyzing, evaluating and improving schemas; schema documentation and maintenance; functional analysis; design tools; schema mappings; database tuning; distributed database design. Exclusion: ISMT 226 Prerequisite: COMP 231 

COMP336  Information Retrieval [3-0-1:3]

Systems that provide relevance (similarity) based retrieval rather than exact matching. Topics: IR system architecture, IR models, performance, evaluation, relevance feedback, clustering, other reduction indexing approaches, analysis applications, future trends. Prerequisites: COMP251 and COMP271

Graduate Courses

COMP530  Database Architecture and Implementation [3-0-0:3]

Systems and architecture concepts in database management systems: advanced storage and access methods; transaction processing; query processing and optimization; implementation of relational operators; memory and storage management; fault tolerance; recovery. Background: COMP231 and COMP252

COMP 537 Knowledge Discovery in Databases [3-0-0:3]

An introduction to knowledge discovery in databases. Different discovery and learning techniques are presented and compared. Automatic generation of query language expressions is discussed in depth. Potential applications are shown. Background: COMP 231

COMP 630 Topics in Database Systems [3-0-0:3]

Selected topics in database systems of current interest to the Department and not covered by existing courses.