Fall 2002 HKUST Database Seminar

Date Speaker Talk Comments
Sept 6 Database Faculty Meet the Database Faculty Excellent opportunity for students to check out faculty members' on-going research
Sept 20 Baihua Zheng Indexing Structures for Location-Dependent Query in Wireless Broadcast Environments
Oct 4 Haifeng Jiang XR-Tree: Indexing XML Data for Efficient Structural Join Paper to appear at ICDE 2003
Oct 18 Wenwu Lou Efficient Prediction of Web Accesses on a Proxy Server Paper to appear at CIKM 2002
Oct 24 Thursday X. Sean Wang Continuous Queries and the Streaming Time Series Case (Powerpoint slides) Time: 11-12; Room: 3464.
Nov 1 Byron Choi XML Vectorization  
Nov 15 Haibo Hu Adaptive Power-Aware Prefetching Schemes for Mobile Broadcast Environments Paper to appear at MDM 2003
Nov 29 Jimeng Sun Analysis of Predictive Spatio-Temporal Queries  
Dec 6 Jiying Wang Data-rich Section Extraction from HTML pages Paper to appear at WISE 2003