Fall 2003 HKUST Database Seminar

Date Speaker Talk Comments
August 29 Dongqing Yang Current Database Research at Peking University  
Sept 15 Hartmut Liefke IT Architectures and B2B Integration at BMW Group Note it is on Monday 1-2pm in 3464.
Sept 26 Hongjun Lu, Wilfred Ng, Dimitris Papadias, and Qiang Yang Meet the DB Faculty (1) Excellent opportunity to learn faculty's recent research
Oct 10 Dik Lee, Fred Lochovsky, Qiong Luo, Shing-Chi Cheung, and Derick Wood Meet the DB Faculty (2) Opportunity continues...  
Oct 17 Dimitris Papadias Nearest Neighbor Queries in Spatial and Spatio-temporal Databases slides
Oct 31 Wai-Yeung Lam XCQ - A Framework for XML Compression and Querying  
Nov 17 Kaiyang Liu Efficient Computation of Aggregate Structural Joins Rm 3464,
Monday 1-2pm
Nov 28 Nikos Mamoulis Efficient Processing of Joins on Set-valued Attributes Talk based on his SIGMOD 2003 paper
Dec 5 Toby Lehman OptimalGrid: Making Grid Computing Painless  
Dec 12 Flip Korn Finding Hierarchical Heavy Hitters in Data Streams