Spring 2004 HKUST Database Seminar

Date Speaker Talk Comments
Feb 13 Dimitris Papadias
and Yufei Tao
Skyline queries in conventional databases and data stream environments Special Time and Place:
4-5pm, Rm 3530
Feb 27 Dyce Jing Zhao Server Selection with Clustering and Term Correlation  
March 8 Qingzhao Tan
and James Cheng
Applying Co-training to Clickthrough Data for Search Engine Adaptation (by Tan),
XQzip: Querying Compressed XML Using Structural Indexing (by Cheng)
Special Time:
Monday 1-2pm.
March 12 S. Muthu Muthukrishnan Data stream algorithms and applications Theory/DB Joint Seminar,
Fri 11-12, Rm 1504
March 12 Wei Hong Data Management in Sensor Networks: Challenges and Opportunities Leading sensordb research.
Fri 1-2, Rm 1505 (Lifts 25-26)
March 26 Wenwei Xue Templated-Based Proxy Caching for Table-Valued Functions  
April 23 Guimei Liu CFP-tree: Storing and Querying Frequent Itemsets  
April 30 Xiaoling Wang and
Zhimao Guo
The WebDB and P2P Computing Lab at Fudan University Great opportunity to learn about the lab
May 7 Jeffrey Xu Yu Pushing Aggregate Constraints by Divide-and-Approximate  
May 14 Yunfei Jiang and
Lei Li
An Overview of DB and AI Research at Zhongshan University Great opportunity to learn about Zhongshan from the two professors
May 21 Lizhu Zhou SESQ - A Topic Specific Search Engine Using a Graph Data Model Great opportunity to learn about database research at Tsinghua University
May 28 Marios Hadjieleftheriou On-line Discovery of Dense Areas In Spatio-temporal Databases