Fall 2004 HKUST Database Seminar

Date Speaker Talk Comments
Sept 6 Opher Etzion Active Technologies for Complex Event Processing
(slides and paper)
Special Time and Place:
Monday 1-2pm, Rm 3530
Sept 15 HweeHwa Pang Data Security Issues in Data Publishing
(followed by a career talk)
Special Time and Place:
Wednesday 1-3pm, Room 2404 (Lift 17-18)
Nov 5 Gang Wang Conditional Mutual Information MaxiMin in Text Categorization CIKM practice talk
Nov 10 Wei Wang Stabbing the Sky: Efficient Skyline Computation over Sliding Windows Special Time and Place:
Wednesday 11-12, Room 3530
Nov 19 Kaiyang Liu AC-Tree: An Adaptive Structural Join Index WISE practice talk